Mythic Packages

Discover the proposals of mythical experiences. From the “Classic” that during 1 hour 40 minutes will introduce you to the Hammam, an exfoliation and massage (with several choices of massage) … to the “Royal” where for half a day you’ll appreciate benefiting from a cocktail of treatments that will enchant your body and sooth your mind… a complete menu of experiences to sample to your heart’s content. Make the most of your stay in Marrakech to appreciate them.


Massage Rituals

A range of massages specific to your needs, your desires, to restore your body after weeks of stress or simple a day’s walking. Back, cranial, foot … with hot wax, balm … invigorating, relaxing, ayurvedic … for pregnant women … different massage techniques that will give you all a feeling of well-being. You certainly deserve treating yourself to this little moment!

All our packages can be carried out alone or in twos in the same VIP booth or separately. For an exceptional massage, treat your body to pure Argan oil for a supplement of 30 dhs (included in “Mythic Signature”).

Face Beauty Rituals

The beauty of the face, often the only visible part of the body, is an integral part of our culture. Nature being generous, to honour it, it provides us with natural plant-based treatments that light up the face by taking care of it. All Moroccan know-how from the mix of Arabic and Berber traditions, itself fruit of the encounter between African and Carthaginian civilisations, has become more refined in techniques that have become traditional. Our technicians will be pleased to have you appreciate this ancestral know-how.

Body Purity Rituals

The word “Hammam” literally means “hot water” in Arabic ( حمّام ). Inspired by Roman thermal baths, also called Turkish baths, Hammams were created under the Ottoman Empire and developed in the Maghreb. Linked to sanitary concerns, they also have a social role and a religious aspect: in Islamic traditions they include ablutions and encourage meticulous hygiene. This deep feeling of well-being that you will appreciate comes from the heat of the Hammam that leads to the blood vessels dilating to reduce blood pressure. At the same time, the pores gradually dilate and sweating lets the skin’s impurities escape. After letting nature act, the “tellaks” (Hammam employees) wash you with soft soap and rub you down with a “kessa” (exfoliating glove). This effective means of erasing the traces of pollution will restore your skin’s natural capacities so it can breathe.

Hand and Feet Beauty Rituals

In 1600 BC, the Ebers papyrus treated remedies for the feet. Hippocrates, the father of medicine treated their illnesses for a long time. In imperial Rome, the pedicure played an important role, treating corns, treating feet and getting hold of ointments. As for the hands and nails, 4000 years ago in the south of Babylon people were already concerned with these. The “French Manicure” appeared in Paris in the 18th century. Highly popular in court, it was rekindled in the 1920’s. In oriental traditions, aesthetics supplemented sanitary worries and our manicure and pedicure methods satisfy these two requirements by combining them with the “French Touch” if you so desire…


with cold or hot wax …

You wish to round off your “beauty enhancement”? We practice hair removal with cold or hot wax.

Also …

Discover our original services.

Massage supplement with pure Argan oil 30 dh.

Included in specific massage “Pregnant Woman” and “Mythic Signature”.