Pack Cooking-class & Spa

Day pleasures of the senses

Discover the offer combined Mythic Oriental Spa & Faim d’épices…

With his partner Faim d’épices, Mythic Oriental Spa offers a day of fun and wellness.

Start your morning with relish by a Moroccan cooking class and continue in the afternoon at the spa with a Moroccan ritual: Hammam and massage …

Pleasure of the senses for epicureans …


A stone’s throw away in a lit “Derb” you’ll discover the door of the “Riad”. The latch on the door to knock gives access to the oriental ancestral culture of well-being. A smile welcomes you and offers you the chance to cross the threshold of the carefully restored dwelling… “Salam Alekoum”… you are welcome. Settle in and as our age-old tradition of hospitality dictates, make yourself at home in the “bou’h” (little lounge) to appreciate a scented tea. Let your first sense, taste, awaken.

Bienvenue au Mythic Oriental Spa
L'Antichambre - Mythic Oriental Spa

The Antechamber

Riad is the worship of intimacy. Behind the austere facades of the medina hide these little palaces that often date back a few centuries, where life quietly revolves around the patio. At its heart, you’re protected from external life to fully appreciate life’s benefits. When you’re ready to enjoy your Mythic experience, we suggest you get changed in the antechamber. Everything is at your disposal to prepare you and keep your personal belongings in a safe place. Make the most of it to forget your telephone there!

The Boudoir of Queens

Here your experience really starts. Comfortably settled so your second sense is stimulated, the sense of smell, you choose your atmosphere from among five fragrances. Patchouli, orange blossom, rose santal, verbena or mandarin, each has its virtues. Discover them one by one and take the time to choose the one to suit you for this sensual journey to rediscover your body; each of your Mythic experiences is personal to you…

Le Boudoir des Reines - Mythic Oriental Spa
La Relaxation - Mythic Oriental Spa


The first moment of relaxation, to free you from tension is a light massage of the arch of the foot. Stimulating and relaxing, this technique has been used for 5000 years to restore the body’s balance. It stimulates the organism, releases stress and nervous tension, relieves back contractions, reconciles the vital functions and favours blood circulation. Too often mistreated, this foot massage is a source of relaxation that will undoubtedly make you want another foot reflexology session. Make the most of it to appreciate the tranquillity of the surroundings and through the silence satisfy your third sense, hearing.

The Hammam

A lot more humid than a sauna, the Hammam is not as hot and will also help to eliminate your stress. Sit down or lay down… quietly let the water steam open the pores of your skin to eliminate toxins and bacteria. Trained from earliest childhood by their mothers, our specialists will join you to teach you to appreciate the technique of exfoliation with natural soft soap from Morocco. By eliminating dead cells your skin is cleansed deep-down.

Les Soins - Mythic Oriental Spa


A whole range of treatments is on offer to you to specifically satisfy your needs. You can also choose between different types of massage each having their virtues. Comfortably settled in one of the private rooms, you’ll let yourself be pampered by the expert hands that will give you a massage, face and body treatments, manicure or pedicure. We are personally responsible for training our professionals in our techniques so they can give you treatments whose delicacy and effectiveness give touch its status as fourth of the five senses!

The Rooms

Our hostesses discretely step aside to let you fully appreciate the feeling of a relaxed body. You will feel it breathe again, as if lighter. In the comfort of your room, you’re relaxed, soothed and curiously it’s in this moment of serenity that you determine with what kindness we took care of you.

La Détente - Mythic Oriental Spa


To satisfy your fifth sense, you’ll appreciate the traditional decor of the Riad, lazily settled around the patio’s pleasant pond, lasciviously stretched out on a sun lounger or voluptuously bathing in the spa on the terrace. Thus sampling a snack in peace and quiet, your Mythic experience ends in the tranquillity of the Riad…

Maybe already dreaming of a future new Mythic experience?